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Soy un aficionado a la fotografía desde la infancia. Aprendí las reglas básicas de exposición y revelado analógico de mi padre, que montó un cuarto oscuro en la casa donde nací. Incluso en mis pinturas o dibujos, casi siempre trabajo con imágenes fotográficas como bocetos preliminares.

En este caso, me pareció que pintar era la única forma posible de aprovechar una imagen que había fracasado como fotografía. La instantánea que tomé una tarde de 2005 en el Café Nuevo Brasil era pobre: mal iluminada por detrás, subexpuesta, ligeramente desenfocada. Y, sin embargo, tenía algo que me seducía, algo que me impedía descartarla en ese momento.

En parte, fueron las circunstancias. El Café Nuevo Brasil era un clásico local de Monterrey, una ciudad que visitaba por primera vez. Para mí era una ocasión muy importante: una de mis obras había sido seleccionada para la Bienal FEMSA, un voto de confianza que significaba mucho profesionalmente como pintor autodidacta que estaba encontrando aceptación en el oficio.

The Farewell | Subtitled Trailer | StyleFeelFree

Lisa Ivarsson wanted to convey a message of freedom with her new fashion collection. To do so, she plays with kinetic fabrics that contrast with other more structured and printed fabrics in the form of shadows of trees. Recycled polyester with a sporty feel, organza and rigid sports polyester are some of the materials with which he uses to create his innovative…

Urban culture is not just for kids. This is demonstrated by one of the reference brands in streetwear: HUF, the legendary brand created by the New York skateboarder Keith Hufnagel in 2007 with the slogan «made by skateboarders, for skateboarders», for boys and for girls, because HUF is committed to inclusion by creating a special line for girls who love urban fashion.

Zalando has positioned itself as a benchmark of international urban culture. And it has done so with interesting initiatives such as its digital magazine on Instagram. A project that specializes in topics related to streetwear and its lifestyles. The goal of creating a community to share styles and experiences.

Involved – FULL PROGRAM (11/14/19)

Graduation 2007 and Master 2011 Contemporary History and International Relations by the University of Havana. Professor at the University of Informatics Sciences (UCI). Researcher at the Center for International Policy Research.

Abstract: Currently one of the fundamental debates around the promotion of open access as part of the right to knowledge revolves around the growing role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in everyday life. In the political arena, the media have become essential tools that allow individuals access to politics. Hence, one of the greatest challenges for the construction of a new type of Latin American subject is conditioned by these new forms of citizen participation, the appropriation or reappropriation of them whose potential, both for the reproduction of the mechanisms of domination and for anti-systemic social mobilization, especially digital democracy, is incalculable.

China decrees a containment in a Beijing area after

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Law and order: the return of Donald Trump During the hearings of the legislative committee in charge of investigating the events of January 6, 2021, hundreds of documentary and testimonial evidence were presented showing how the taking of…

The port of Isaccea in Romania is separated from Ukraine by just one kilometer and refugees cross the Danube River to reach it. Upon arrival they are greeted by volunteers and organizations that offer them first aid.

Lobbyists rush to influence Democrats’ spending bill Businesses and advocates are buying ads and calling lawmakers as the Senate gets set to consider the House’s spending package, which…

China’s war games spur Taiwanese firms to join island defense Chip tycoon Robert Tsao donates $100 million for security as PLA military maneuvers kick off second day Forces…